The Vicariate for Palestinian/Jordanian Christian Orthodox Communities in the USA

Saint George Orthodox Cathedral
October 13, 2018

Host, V.Rev Fr. Hanna Khoury

Session 1, “Luke the Evangelist the first Iconography of the Theotokos and his icons,” with The V.Rev Archimandrite Damaskinos

Session 2, “The 7th Ecumenical Council – It’s History and the Theological Significance, “ The V.Rev.Fr. Thaddaeus Hardenbrook, MDIV, Rector of Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church, Felton, CA and The V.Rev.Fr. Luke Dingman

Session 3, “The Necessity of Iconography and the Idolatry of Modern Gnostic Religion,” with V.Rev.Father John A. Peck, DMin, Rector of All Saints of North America Orthodox Church, Sun City AZ

Session 4,  “The Language of the Icon: Decoding the Nativity and Paschal Iconography,” with the V.Rev.Fr. Leo Arrowsmith.
“Jesus Calms the Storm” by Father Leo