2019 Saint George Board

Our goal this year is to strengthen our church community and give everyone young and old a place to belong and practice our faith. We are excited about building on what we accomplished last year. We are all blessed in many ways and are thankful for the opportunity to do the job.

We must reach out to people, welcome new faces, greet old ones, be patient with young ones and listen to people’s needs.

Bottom row left to right:
Osama Kaleh, Susie Mizarawi, Chairman Samir Mogannam, Sandra Elgelda, Dalia Abuelezam, Cynthia Dughman, Ann Marie Anderer

Top row let to right:
Jalal Mogannam, Nimatallah Shatara, Elias Husary, Afif Baba, Fr.George Jweinat, Dr. Isam Khoury, Iyad Nasrah, Randy Mogannam

Missing are Raja Elqara and Victor Khoury.